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Infotek BM Solutions

Infotek have its own state of the art bandwidth management and network management system with artificial intelligence at the core system that can be implemented at NAP and/or ISP level, so high efficiency data transfer and maximizing bandwidth utilization can be achieved without sacrificing network latency, thus increasing network quality of services.

Infotek today's production system are handling internet bandwidth traffic more than 500 Mbps at peak hours and used by more than 5,000 personal computers daily, bandwidth utilization achievement up to 95% at peak time, without compromising quality.

Other benefits having bandwidth management working perfectly are  able virtually double or triple bandwidth usage at the distributions sides. It will improved bandwidth efficiency from upstream ISP/NAP.

For example with 500 Mbps from upstream provider but able to deliver 1 Gbps or more bandwidth to lastmile/customers, without sacrificing quality and network latency. It is like giving 1:1 ratio to all customers while actually giving 1:2 - 1:4 sharing ratio to the customers. With  4 Mbps bandwidth and 1:4 ratio, customers will be able to use their 4 Mbps bandwidth they pay/buy most of the time they needed it. Having 1:1 ratio services with the cheaper price of sharing 1:4 ratio while maintaining the quality of 1:1 ratio in the same time.

Bandwidth usage efficiency means saving lots of money, that was originally needed to buy more bandwidth from upstream provider, also will be a good selling point to compete with other ISP/NAP speaking about selling price to the customers.

Riding a taxi but paying as public bus fare is always what the customer needed. In this case, cheaper services price is not reflect as cheap services, just need the proper management to get it right.